How we stay competitive with rideshare companies

How we stay competitive with rideshare companies

It isn’t breaking news that competing with rideshare companies, particularly Uber and Lyft, has become a harsh reality for taxi companies. To remain competitive, in a world where app culture and hyper convenience guide many of our service choices, it takes more than simply adapting. While these ride sharing services succeed in providing convenience, we are finding ways to add far more value to today’s transportation experience.


Realizing the importance and crucial nature of providing riders with a booking app, we developed a mobile taxi app our loyal customers deserve. Along with possessing the same user experience as the world’s most popular rideshare companies, we took it a few steps further in order to provide our users with even more convenience and user friendliness.

Crucial App Features

  • Book your ride in just 2 steps
  • Track Your Taxi and Nearby Taxis
  • Promo Codes
  • Save credit/debit card information
  • Automatic transaction processing option
  • No extra credit card fees
  • Future booking option
  • Trip history access
  • Electronic receipts (email)

Unique Features

  • Book your ride regardless of taxi proximity
  • Give your driver special instructions
  • Pay automatically through app OR pay with card or cash in cab
  • Choose destination without knowing address

It’s our mission to provide our community with an unparalleled and innovative transportation service. With our mobile taxi app, we believe we are fulfilling our duty to you, the community.


Affordability. “With increased demand comes increased pricing.” This is the go-to motto for modern ride sharing companies. To compensate for the increase in demand during certain times, most booking apps will create a drastic ‘surge’ in prices. At Doyle’s, we believe in providing our customers with a consistent experience, regardless of demand. With no price surges, we guarantee the most affordable transportation service at all times. This added value allows us to positively differentiate ourselves from price surge frustration.


Reliability. With over 100 years of operation in the Fargo-Moorhead area, we possess the experience and values needed to truly guarantee unmatched service. Coupled with our biggest strength, experienced and knowledgeable drivers (over 80% of our drivers have been in the taxi industry for 4+ years), and you are provided with ultimate reliability.

Additionally, our 24-hour dispatch service gives you immediate access to any questions or concerns you may have. We make sure you always have someone to talk to. No emails left unseen or unreplied to.

With no signs of stopping, many ride sharing companies, especially Uber, continue to rack up lawsuit after lawsuit. From murders to kidnappings, these companies are staying firm in their ‘No Interviews. No Screenings. No Training’ practices. Even worse, our states have no regulation over these practices. Uber recently refused to release any information, on their drivers, to the states of North Dakota and Minnesota.


At Doyle’s, each driver must pass the following before operating a taxi:

  • Nationwide background check
  • Driving record review – record must be clean
  • DOT physical exam
  • DOT vehicle inspection
  • Training course – navigation, passenger assistance, customer service, and vehicle maintenance

Additionally, all drivers possess commercial insurance. The gray area of rideshare insurance has the potential to leave riders vulnerable to insurance issues and responsibility.

Keeping your safe is our biggest concern and the aspect we focus on the most. Over everything else, you deserve nothing but the safest experience.

Rideshare companies operate for profit and acclimation. We are in business to properly serve our community. A community we are dedicated to keeping one of the nation’s best. As your loyal taxi service, it’s this foundation that allows us to remain competitive with rideshare companies. We aren’t going anywhere – except to your destinations.